Embroidery Fun!

I have had this white fleece sitting around for awhile….

Until now I have been very intimidated by my embroidery machine. I had used it once for a small project. It is just such a new skill to me that I have put it on the back burner. I have finally decided to dive into it and try it!DSCN1278

DSCN1279I did some reading about stabilizers and I selected a cut away stabilizer for this project because the fleece material is so thick.

DSCN1281I put the stabilizer and fabric into my embroidery hoop (which took some muscle).

DSCN1282I purchased a design on embroidery designs and hooked that up to my machine!


Set everything up and away it went! The whole automatic sewing process still amazes me!

DSCN1285Ta da! I now have an awesomely embroidered zip-up fleece! I think this will be a perfect jacket to wear on the boat!

Happy Refashioning!!!


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