Bleach Shirt Fail

Hello there readers! Long time no post! I feel like it has been a year since my last post. I apologize for leaving you all in suspense. This refash started as a dud. I originally wanted this to be a bleach stencil shirt. Plain pink tank! You know I can’t resist pink! I printed a… Continue reading Bleach Shirt Fail

Kentucky Derby Hat

For this years Kentucky Derby I challenged myself by only using items from the $1 store! I was lucky enough to find a hat at the dollar store! What luck! I assembled my $1 goodies! I even found a toy horse! How appropriate is this adorable horse! However, I did have to paint him. After… Continue reading Kentucky Derby Hat

Simple Plaid Dress Refash

I just can’t have enough shirt dresses! Every time I see one while I’m not thrifting I just have to have it!  Here we have a beautifully simple plaid shirt dress. As always the dress was too long and so were the sleeves. Remember my post on tea dying? I used tea bags to make… Continue reading Simple Plaid Dress Refash

Easter Dress Refash

Happy Easter!!! This year was a quiet Easter spent at home with the hubby. Just because we were having a quiet Easter dinner for two, doesn’t mean I was going to stay home in my jammies! I still needed an appropriate Easter Dress! Just 3 days before Easter I came across this beautiful lavender dress.… Continue reading Easter Dress Refash

Easy Sleeveless Shirt

I have started this project a few months ago. This started our as a white long sleeved shirt. I had dyed it with a few other projects that I dyed blue. I particularly liked how this shirt took the dye, like denim.  Happy Refashioning!!!