Beautiful Hand Embroidered Shirt

A few weekend ago the husband and I had a dental hygiene course in East Lansing. You know what that means…You guessed it! I needed an outfit to wear! I have ALWAYS loved business attire but I obviously cannot wear anything but scrubs to work. So, I always look forward to my quarterly dental hygiene… Continue reading Beautiful Hand Embroidered Shirt

Embroidery Fun!

I have had this white fleece sitting around for awhile…. Until now I have been very intimidated by my embroidery machine. I had used it once for a small project. It is just such a new skill to me that I have put it on the back burner. I have finally decided to dive into… Continue reading Embroidery Fun!

The Shorts Dress

Long time no post! I have missed you all! I promise I will have more amazing refashions for you come August! Here is one to hold you over until then… I had purchased this dress from the thrift store back in the winter. I was eagerly waiting the nice warm Michigan weather to refash this… Continue reading The Shorts Dress

Bleach Shirt Fail

Hello there readers! Long time no post! I feel like it has been a year since my last post. I apologize for leaving you all in suspense. This refash started as a dud. I originally wanted this to be a bleach stencil shirt. Plain pink tank! You know I can’t resist pink! I printed a… Continue reading Bleach Shirt Fail

Kentucky Derby Hat

For this years Kentucky Derby I challenged myself by only using items from the $1 store! I was lucky enough to find a hat at the dollar store! What luck! I assembled my $1 goodies! I even found a toy horse! How appropriate is this adorable horse! However, I did have to paint him. After… Continue reading Kentucky Derby Hat